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Please drink responsible and don't drink too much. Do not drive or operate machinery after drinking too much beer. Do not drink while being pregnant. This website/app is not responsible for your drinking.

Cheers to MyBeerLog!

MyBeerLog is a web app designed to be your beer buddy. It helps you keep track of your brews and spending, so you can see what's tickling your taste buds and how much that's costing you.

Adding a beer is as easy as clicking the "Add a Beer" button. Want to remove one? Just hit "Remove a Beer" and your stats will update in a flash.

The goal? To give you a clearer picture of your beer adventures (and expenses!).

Free as a Free Beer (Almost!)

MyBeerLog is completely free to use. No sign-ups, no logins - just pure beer tracking love from a developer who cares about your hobby, not lining their pockets.

(And because ads are about as welcome as a skunk in a brewery, you won't find any here. Your privacy matters!)

Is MyBeerLog a Health App?

Nope! MyBeerLog isn't here to give you any health advice. It's simply your trusty companion to track your beer consumption. Remember, responsible drinking is always the best policy. You're in charge of your choices (and your hangovers!).

Data? We Don't Need Stinkin' Data!

MyBeerLog prioritizes your privacy. It doesn't store any personal information - just your beer consumption data like timestamps, number of drinks, price, and currency. This data is saved securely on your device, and only on your device, using LocalStorage. No creepy connections to servers in the background. We built MyBeerLog with privacy in mind.

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